Friends of LAC,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the Latin America Center LAC Perspectivas, our blog on Latin America, US-Latin American affairs, and issues facing Latinxs in the United States. We hope that our networks can help disseminate timely, insightful, and prospective observations, based on the research and expertise of our faculty, students, and affiliates.

In LAC Perspectivas, we will include observations on current events and crises. Latin America is in a moment of flux, and ongoing comment and analysis will be necessary to contribute to a healthy and stable Western Hemisphere. We will also use our blog to disseminate research at different stages of development. In some cases, finished products will be summarized and publicized. In other cases, we will use the short and pithy structure of blogs to circulate working-ideas, welcoming and encouraging comment and response from the broader LAC community. Finally, LAC Perspectivas will also circulate reviews of important books relevant to our mission written by faculty, postdocs, and students. As the academic and policy communities publish their views of Latin American affairs, we will do our best to maintain a current and useful record of our evaluations and response.

We hope that LAC Perspectivas can be a useful service to the community, and we welcome suggestions on additional content and reactions to our posts. If you would like to subscribe to LAC Perspectivas, please click the ‘Follow’ button in the sidebar to receive posts via email.


Aaron Schneider

LAC Director